Beyond Jazz New York City Edition: Chris Lightcap, JP Schlegelmilch, Jonathan Goldberger & Jim Black, Allison Miller & Carmen Staaf And The Lie Detectors


Chris Lightcap: Superette

We love jazz around these parts, but we love it even more when it’s the starting point for some genre-bending don’t-know-exactly-what-to-call-it kind of music. Here are a handful of sweet new releases, centered on New York City-based artists, that go beyond, starting with Superette the new record from bassist Chris Lightcap and his electric ensemble. The band consists of Jonathan Goldberger and Curtis Hasselbring on guitars, Dan Reiser on drums with featured guests spots from no-slouches Nels Cline and John Medeski. That’s a helluva lineup and under Lightcap’s direction, they make some marvelous music that’s thrilling and pensive and exotic and straightaway awesome. Some jawdropping moments in here, I’d recommend you take a listen.

JP Schlegelmilch/Jonathan Goldberger/Jim Black: Visitors

I think Jonathan Goldberger is a good enough guitar player to merit a second mention in this week’s batch, so why don’t you take a listen to Visitors, the first release from a trio project with Goldberger, JP Schlegelmilch on organ/keys and Jim Black on drums. This is a dark, groovy flavor of instrumental music, the traditional organ trio on acid or something like that … occasionally intense, occasionally out there and occasionally beautiful. It’s all great and the three musicians do a nice job of finding their own independent space while remaining a part of the collective. If none of these guys are on your radar, they certainly should be and together they just work. Enjoy!


Allison Miller & Carmen Staaf: Science Fair

Drummer Allison Miller met Carmen Staaf when she filled in on piano in Miller’s Boom Tic Boom band. The chemistry, so to speak, was there from the start and soon thereafter, the two started their own project, aptly titled Science Fair. Joined by bassist Matt Penman, and, on a couple tracks, some horns, this still feels like a duo project. Miller’s drums pop out of the speakers. You can feel her driving the music and the back and forth with Staaf, which brings a next level energy to the compositions and improvisations. Whatever project she’s in, Miller always seems to be pushing the boundaries of the genre and her instrument and that’s definitely the case here. A total delight.


The Lie Detectors: Part III: Secret Unit

If you go see any music in New York City, you know that there are no shortage of great guitarists operating out at the fringes, making the magic happen. One of these is Eyal Maoz who plays in many projects of his own and in collaboration with others around town. His most recent release is a duo project with an old friend Asaf Sirkis on drums, called The Lie Detectors. Their new release is entitled Part III: Secret Unit and is an overflowing bucketful of guitar/drum explorations, ranging from hard-rocking headbangers to playful melodic exercises to moments of joyful beauty. Maoz and Sirkis just click. Each track brings new looks and new surprises, zags and zigs galore, but it’s all quite wonderful, I assure you. Check it out … I think you’ll dig!