[UPDATED] Benefit Concert For New Orleans Musician Eric Lindell & Family Announced



  • Mar 24, 2016 • 11:00 am PDT
    More musicians have been added to the lineup for Friday night’s late night benefit for the Lindell family. Bassist Dave Dreiwitz (Ween/Joe Russo’s Almost Dead), keyboardist Marco Benevento, members of Bonerama and guitarist Seth Walker have all been confirmed to perform at the concert via the benefit’s event page.

New Orleans musician Eric Lindell is dealing with a parent’s worst nightmare as his new son Kay Chevalier Lindell, who was born on March 2, is fighting congenital hernia and duodenal atresia, which causes increased levels of amniotic fluid during pregnancy and intestinal obstruction in newborn babies. The baby’s situation also caused compilations for Eric’s wife Sarah. A late night concert will be held at Brooklyn’s The Hall At MP on Friday, March 25 to raise funds for the Lindells.

Confirmed musicians thus far include the “Piano Prince of New Orleans” Davell Crawford (keys, vocals), Greg Allman Band guitarist Scott Sharrard (guitar, vocals), Elise Testone (vocals), Lindell collaborators Chris Fitzgerald (sax) and Arne Wendt (keys), members of the Brickyard Band, Shady Street Show Band and many special guests. In addition, raffles from photographers Marc Millman, Scott Harris and artist Mattie James will be held to benefit the Lindells.

The show is slated to start at 12:30 a.m. on Friday night, March 25 (though technically March 26) with tickets available now via TicketWeb. All proceeds from the show will benefit the Lindell family. If you can’t make it in person, donations for the Lindells are being accepted through GoFundMe.com.

Eric Lindell detailed the situation with his wife and baby in a Facebook post:

I can’t describe in words how much Sarah and I appreciate the love and support from friends and family and folks we have not even met yet. Nothing can prepare you for something like this. Nothing can be more upsetting than to see sick children …it’s heart breaking how many families are here at the children’s hospital…every one with a story.

We found out our son had CDH and Duodenal Atresia in November and our doctors back home said there were only a few places in the country that deal with these high risk situations. We were informed that Colorado was the best and had the highest success rate.

After our first call with them, it was clear where we needed to be and they said they wanted us in Colorado ASAP, so we left shortly after Christmas. Once we arrived, we met our amazing team of doctors and nurses twice a week…which are truly some of the kindest, smartest people we have ever met.

The last couple months of the pregnancy where very hard on Sarah .. Due to the CDH and Duodenal Atresia she retained way too much fluid…so they did an Amino Reduction to relieve the pressure from her heart and lungs and to try and keep the baby longer, in hopes of further lung development.

A couple weeks later our son Kay Chevalier Lindell was born on March 2nd at 3:30AM…weighing in at 5 pounds. He had his first surgery and went on Ecmo machine March 3. They noticed during the C section that Sarah was having irregular heartbeats…as soon as the baby was delivered they rushed Sarah off to an adult hospital where they monitored her heart for couple days.

They finally discharged her so she could come back to children’s hospital and be with baby Kay. Shortly thereafter we had to rush Sarah to the ER where they found out that the left part of her heart was not pumping with the same pressure as the rest of her heart. They have her on heart meds and have discharged her with her own blood pressure machine.

Sarah has been so strong and brave through all of this and is now in NICU with baby Kay. The connection between a mother and baby is the most incredible thing I have ever seen. When she talks to him and kisses him…it is amazing how he responds…love magic…it is true and powerful.

There is nothing stronger or greater than a mother’s love. We have to love our families with all we have. Thank U to all of our friends and family for the positive thoughts and prayers…each and every one of you have restored our faith in humanity. There are truly some warm heart’d people out there. Thank U so much for thinking of us and including us in your thoughts and prayers.

Eric Lindell & Family