The Barr Brothers Share New Single ‘It Came To Me’

 Photo by Richmond Lam


On October 13 The Barr Brothers will release Queens Of The Breakers, a new studio LP through Secret City Records. The Canadian folk rock band has shared another track from the album, the single “It Came to Me.”

The 11-track Queens Of The Breakers full length marks the follow-up to the group’s 2015 EP Alta Falls and 2014 LP Sleeping Operator. Featuring The Slip members, siblings Andrew Barr on drums and Brad Barr on guitar, and Sarah Page on harp, the band brought in Lucius for the record’s opening track.

Here’s Andrew Barr on the new single:

Since we were kids, Brad and I would sit down at our instruments and, without speaking, launch into playing loud rock and roll at high volume. It was probably in part to drown out the confusing noise of youth and being told what to do all the time, and in part it was a way of communicating with each other in a language that was probably more expressive and fun than our normal middle school banter – it also prevented a lot of fighting over the remote control. All to say, when we went to St. Zenon (in Quebec, to demo songs for the new album) late one night, we sat down together and started playing this one. It came easily and cheerfully, and when Brad started singing “It Came to Me”, I laughed at this almost “snake chasing its tale moment”, a song lyric aware of itself – and so this one came like that, when we sat down with no agenda and tapped into one of our oldest sorts of dialogue.

Stream “It Came To Me” below:

Listen to the previously shared “You Would Have To Lose Your Mind”:

Queens Of The Breakers Tracklist

  1. Defibrillation (feat. Lucius)
  2. Look Before It Changes
  3. Song That I Heard
  4. Maybe Someday
  5. Kompromat
  6. You Would Have To Lose Your Mind
  7. Queens Of The Breakers
  8. It Came To Me
  9. Hideous Glorious
  10. Hideous Glorious Pt. 2
  11. Ready For War
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