Badnight, Texas Announces Live Album & Shares Single


Members of Americana act Goodnight, Texas have gone metal. “Badnight, Texas” will release the live album Badnight, Texas – Live In San Francisco, The Heavy Metal Capital Of The World this Friday, August 30. The trio unveiled video of “Homesick” from the eight-track LP featuring heavy metal renditions of Goodnight, Texas originals.

The Badnight, Texas show took place on June 27 at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco. The band featuring guitarist Avi Vinocur, bassist Jonathan Kirchner and drummer Scott Padden put a hard edge on Goodnight, Texas originals for the concert. Jonathan Kirchner and Brian Adler recorded the album, which was mixed and mastered by Kirchner.

Watch Badnight, Texas’ rendition of “Homesick”:

  1. Santa Cruz
  2. Submarines
  3. Meet Me By The Smokestack
  4. The Railroad
  5. Knock ‘Em Stiff
  6. Old St. John
  7. Homesick
  8. Jesse Got Fragged in a Land Mine (Medley)