The Avett Brothers Share New Single ‘Bang Bang’


The Avett Brothers shared a video for the single “Bang Bang” from their upcoming new studio album Closer Than Together. The follow-up to 2016’s True Sadness is due on October 4.

When the band revealed details of Closer Than Together, Seth Avett wrote an accompanying message that stated in part, “The Avett Brothers will probably never make a sociopolitical record. But if we did, it might sound something like this.”

Speaking to Billboard, Scott Avett discussed the new record and what inspired “Bang Bang,” telling the outlet:

As a collective, we’ve always talked about current events. Nobody can get away from it. There’s more news coming in than anybody can process. There’s no doubt a song like [Closer Than Together’s] “We Americans”… that’s a topic that’s relevant. It’s been relevant since this country was founded. It’s not new.

A song like ”Bang Bang,” Seth and I will talk for hours about … the TV will be playing, and we’ll see these movies that are just ludicrous. You know? They’re nuts. And we’re going… we’ll flip from one channel and see some terrible shooting that’s happened, and then we flip to whatever and there’s a movie going, and you’re like — it’s real life here, and then I go over here and it’s two-fold. I just think all these things have accumulated enough to talk about.

Directed by Morgan Neville, the “Bang Bang” video can be viewed below: