Aqueous Releases ‘Live From Philadelphia’ Live Album

By Scott Bernstein Nov 10, 2020 12:14 pm PST

Aqueous issued a live album featuring the quartet’s September 18, 2020 concert at The Ardmore Music Hall near Philadelphia. LIVE! From Philadelphia​-​September Eighteen ’20 contains all 12 songs Aqueous performed at their first of two livestream shows at the Philadelphia area venue and is available on major streaming services.

The opening frame of the show featured on the new LP was bookended by “Mind Games,” an original that dates back over a decade. Each of the other tunes from the first set were debuted in 2019 or 2020 with the exception of classic “Uncle Phil’s Parachute.” All five songs played in the second set spanned at least 12 minutes, including 17-minute versions of “Second Sight” and “The Median.” Aqueous encored with “Complex Pt. 1” in Ardmore.

Guitarist Mike Gantzer shared the following:

Having far fewer opportunities to play this year really changed the bands’ perspective on things. For one it made us appreciate what playing together really means and how lucky we are to be able to do it. It also led us to sort of just say ‘fuck it’ and make the absolute most of the shows we did get to play. We were really just having the most fun possible together, keeping it light and open and free, and that ended up yielding some great results for us musically. This show really represents that. We also just wanted to put more stuff out there for the fans that are going without live shows right now to enjoy during this crazy time, and we plan to continue that trend.

Stream Aqueous’ new live album below:

LIVE! From Philadelphia​-​September Eighteen ’20 Tracklist

  1. Mind Games
  2. Burn It Down
  3. 6’s and 7’s
  4. On the Edge
  5. Uncle Phil’s Parachute
  6. Mind Games
  7. Say It Again
  8. Second Sight
  9. Little Something to Me
  10. The Median
  11. Good Days
  12. Complex Pt. 1
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