Watch Aqueous Perform 32-Minute ‘Eon Don’ In Buffalo: Pro-Shot Video

Watch Aqueous take the funky rocker on an electro-tinged +30-minute excursion.

By Nate Todd Dec 23, 2021 9:27 am PST

Aqueous shared pro-shot video of a 32-minute “Eon Don.” The footage comes from the band’s hometown show in Buffalo, New York on August 7 at Resurgence Brewing Company.

“Eon Don” appears on Aqueous’ 2011 album Giant Something. While the studio version is four and half minutes long, Aqueous takes the funky rocker deep in Buffalo for a version that featured a synth-soaked electro-disco jam along with some shred from guitarists Mike Gantzer and Dave Loss to close out the second set.

Watch Aqueous perform a 32-minute “Eon Don” below:

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