Animal Collective Announces New Album ‘Tangerine Reef’ & Shares Single


Animal Collective will issue a new audiovisual album Tangerine Reef via Domino Records on August 17. The band shared a video for the record’s lead single “Hair Cutter.”

The Animal Collective trio of Avey Tare, Deakin and Geologist collaborated on the album with Coral Morphologic in conjunction with the 2018 International Year Of The Reef. Marine biologist Colin Foord and musician J.D. McKay founded Coral Morphologic in Miami in 2007. Here’s how the music and accompanying visuals are described:

Tangerine Reef is a visual tone poem consisting of time-lapse and slow pans across surreal aquascapes of naturally fluorescent coral and cameos by alien-like reef creatures (note: no CGI or artificial enhancement was used in this film). Tangerine Reef is the sight and sound of a literal underwater collective of animals.

Geologist obtained a masters degree in environmental policy with a marine environment focus and both he and Animal Collective and Dekin are avid scuba divers. Animal Collective and Coral Morphologic first met in 2010 and have collaborated on several occasions since. Co-performances at the 2017 Borscht Film Festival in Miami and at this year’s David Lynch curated Festival of Disruption in Brooklyn, New York led to the production of Tangerine Reef. Both the full-length record and the feature film will be issued on August 17.

Follow this link to watch the “Hair Cutter” video at Apple Music (view the trailer below) and stream the track here:

Tangerine Reef Tracklist

  1. Hair Cutter
  2. Buffalo Tomato
  3. Inspector Gadget
  4. Buxom
  5. Coral Understanding
  6. Airpipe (To A New Transition)
  7. Jake And Me
  8. Coral By Numbers
  9. Hip Sponge
  10. Coral Realization
  11. Lundsten Coral
  12. Palythoa
  13. Best Of Times (Worst Of All)

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