Andy Cohen Welcomes John Mayer & Bob Weir To ‘Watch What Happens Live’


Bravo executive and talk show host Andy Cohen has never hidden his love for the Grateful Dead and he also has a longtime friendship with guitarist John Mayer that pre-dates the guitarist finding the music of the Dead, so you can only imagine Cohen’s excitement when Mayer and Bob Weir appeared on Tuesday night’s installment of Watch What Happens Live. Cohen had a hard time containing his exuberance as he welcomed the current Dead & Company guitar duo to his show and even sang a “Truckin'” lyric to kick off the show.

Weir and Mayer discussed how they met on the set of CBS’s The Late Late Show last year which eventually led to the formation of Dead & Company. Cohen then played a game of “John Hayyyy-er” in which Mayer picked one of two answers posed to 40 gay men including “what type of guitar is gayer, acoustic or electric?” Weir then took questions from a “shady dancing bear” such as “what’s your least favorite Grateful Dead song?” to which Bobby responded “it depends on the night” but noted “I Know You Rider” was played “too slow” on Sunday in New York City. The games kept coming as Chloe Sevigny and Ann Coulter were among the “yes” answers to “Are They A Deadhead?”

A musical question was served John’s way with the guitarist re-iterating his solo album is due early next year. Bobby jumped into the discussion and revealed “I’ve got a solo album coming out before his” giving us some insight into the potential release of his long-awaited cowboy album. The pair were also asked whether Dead & Company would record an album with Mayer stating, “it seems more possible now (after this current tour)” and Weir re-stating he’d like to see the group record songs from the Grateful Dead catalog the original band never did.

Last month a big story was Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay dispatching Jerry Garcia’s Tiger guitar to San Francisco for John Mayer to use. Don’t hold your breath for Mayer to play Tiger anytime soon as the guitarist said, “with all the love in the world…It’s not necessarily a contact I want to make…I don’t know that I want to make contact with that part of it, it’s a little touchy for me and it’s just so damn heavy that guitar!”

When asked whether either guitarist feels Garcia’s presence on stage both had answers that were essentially “yes.” Bobby said, “I’ll let you in on a little secret, Jerry never died. He’s right back up there about 20 feet back stage left behind me and I can hear him cackling away at all times.” John added, “it’s deep. In my imagination there are moments (I ask him) you tell me what to do!” John Mayer and Bob Weir busted out their acoustic guitars for the show’s final segment. The pair perform “Friend Of The Devil” to the delight of Andy Cohen.

Bob Weir and John Mayer also participated in a lengthy post-show chat with Bobby sharing some stories from Egypt and John explaining why we should all be like Bob Weir:

While Cohen’s Bravo show is usually filmed live, Tuesday’s installment was tape delayed as Dead & Company was finishing up a performance at The Xfinity Theater in Hartford when the program aired. Here’s the setlist:


Dead & Company at XFINITY Theatre

Set 1
  • Hell in a Bucket  
  • Cold Rain and Snow  
  • Queen Jane Approximately  
  • Big River  
  • Row Jimmy  
  • Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo  
  • Cumberland Blues  
Set 2
  • Estimated Prophet  
  • Eyes of the World  
  • Deal  
  • Viola Lee Blues  
  • Drums  
  • Space  
  • The Wheel  
  • Black Peter  
  • U.S. Blues  
  • Touch of Grey
  • Grateful Dead

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