Andrew Bird Covers Neil Young & ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ Songs At Guest-Filled Carnegie Hall Show


Multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird played one of the nation’s most historic venues last night, Carnegie Hall in New York City. Bird performed with a variety of musicians including a handful of special guests on Monday night.

The Illinois native came out by himself at first and then welcomed NYC singer-songwriter Gabriel Kahane to share the stage. Next, Chris Thile joined the action for a series of songs including “Chemical Switches.” Bird as well as his band and Thile were later fronted by Bob Dorough, best known for his performances and compositions for the ’70s and ’80s children’s series Schoolhouse Rock! Dorough, celebrating his 93rd birthday, led the crew through “Three Is A Magic Number,” “Figure Eight” and “My Hero, Zero” from the series.

The concert rolled on with a focus on songs from Andrew’s most recent studio album, Are You Serious. Brooklyn’s own Shilpa Ray emerged towards the end of the set for “Why?,” “Lusitania” and “Left Handed Kisses.” The main set concluded with Kahane adding to “Scythian Empires.” Andrew Bird then treated the audience to a four-song encore ending with a cover of Neil Young’s “Harvest” featuring many of the evening’s performers.


[Three Is A Magic Number | Captured by Graig Adler]

[Harvest | Captured by Sarah Turner]


Andrew Bird at Isaac Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall

  • Hole in the Ocean Floor  
  • Capital Crimes  
  • Sic of Elephants  
  • Saints Preservus  
  • Trials, Troubles, Tribulations  
  • Chemical Switches  
  • My Sister's Tiny Hands  
  • Three Is a Magic Number  
  • Figure Eight  
  • My Hero, Zero  
  • Capsized
  • Tenuousness
  • Are You Serious
  • Heretics
  • Truth Lies Low
  • Roma Fade
  • Why?
  • Lusitania
  • Left Handed Kisses
  • Three White Horses
  • Plasticities
  • Valleys of the Young
  • Scythian Empires
  • Give It Away  
  • Pulaski at Night
  • Weather Systems  
  • Harvest