Andrew Bird Shares COVID-Inspired Holiday Song ‘Christmas In April’


Andrew Bird previewed his forthcoming Hark! holiday album by premiering “Christmas In April,” a COVID-inspired holiday song. Hark! is set for release this Friday, October 30 via Loma Vista Recordings.

“There were those various stages of acceptance we all went through at first while our brains tried to process how disruptive COVID would be (remember when we thought it would be 2 weeks?),” Bird told Rolling Stone, who unveiled the track. “By April I was looking ahead to the holidays and wondering if/when I’d see my folks, knowing that there were millions of people thinking the same thing. Those kinds of universally shared moments are rare in this fractured world.”

Andrew wrote “Christmas In April” at his home in Los Angeles. Hark! also includes such originals as “Alabaster” and “Night’s Falling” with holiday classics “Skating, “White Christmas” and “Auld Lang Syne” mixed in as well as choice covers of songs by John Cale, John Prine and The Handsome Family.

Stream Andrew Bird’s “Christmas In April” below:

Watch Andrew Bird perform “Christmas In April” with band mate Alan Hampton:

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