Amazon Acquires Grateful Dead Documentary ‘Long Strange Trip’


Director Amir Bar-Lev and executive producer Martin Scorsese have sold the rights to the six-part Grateful Dead documentary Long Strange Trip to Amazon. The four hour examination of the famed rock group is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video in the United States and United Kingdom on May 26.

As reported, the long in the making documentary film will make its world debut next week at the Sundance Film Festival. Producers include Eric Eisner, Nick Koskoff and film financer Alex Blavatnik. Additional producers include Justin Kreutzmann and others as well as executive producers and surviving Grateful Dead members Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir.

“I’ve always admired the spirit and creativity of the Grateful Dead,” Scorsese said in a statement. “They are revolutionary artists who forever changed the world of touring and recording live music. They were a cultural force–a lifestyle, that continue to influence new generations of fans. This film will entertain and educate audiences about one of the most innovative and groundbreaking American bands of the 20th century.”

“I first reached out to the Grateful Dead about this film back in 2003,” Bar-Lev said. “Since then, everyone who has come aboard has treated this project with a renegade spirit of cooperation and ingenuity worthy of the subject matter. I recognized immediately that Amazon was the perfect distributor when I met their team, and I can’t wait to see how many brains they can infect with the Dead’s contagious brand of anti-establishment fun.”

Eisner and Blavatnik stated:

We’re honored to be involved in this historic, ambitious and passionate undertaking. The Grateful Dead have played and continue to play an integral role not only in our lives, but in the very development of contemporary American society. Amir’s encompassing and engrossing look truly captures the story of this unique band.

Additional territories offering Amazon Prime Video beyond the U.S. and U.K. will begin showing Long Strange Trip sometime after May 26. Amazon Prime Video is included as part of the Amazon Prime subscription program.