ALO Welcomes Fruition Members For Jam Cruise 17 Pool Deck Set: Full Set Audio


ALO‘s appearance on Jam Cruise 17 was their seventh on the musical adventure at sea. However, on this year’s trip the quartet did something they hadn’t done on previous Jam Cruisers – they played a “sail away set.” ALO performed on the Pool Deck as the boat departed Belize City, Belize on January 17. The group’s music was perfect as the sun set and the NCL Jade headed to Mexico.

Guitarist Lebo (Dan Lebowitz), multi-instrumentalist Zach Gill, bassist Steve Adams and drummer Ezra Lipp opened with “The Ticket” by request of Jam Cruise’s cruise director Annabel Lukins. Next up was a “Speed Of Dreams” that ended with a celebration of Steve Adams’ birthday. Classics “Falling Dominoes” and “Plastic Bubble” followed before ALO launched into what would turn out to be a 19-minute “Shapeshifter.” The band worked an instrumental rendition of Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” within the jam vehicle and then treated fans to “Girl I Wanna Lay You Down.”

ALO continued the set by bringing out Fruition‘s Mimi Naja, Jay Cobb Anderson and Kellen Asebroek to add to a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock.” The quartet went on to perform the Lebo-sung “Try” featuring the fitting Grateful Dead gem “Ship Of Fools” in the middle of the tune. Lebo, Zach, Steve and Ezra concluded the 90-minute performance by stringing together “Room For Bloomin’,” “Barbecue” and “Animal, Pt. 2.” The evening’s version of “Barbecue” saw Gill lead an impromptu version of Jesus Jones’ 1990 hit “Right Here Right Now.” Listen to a soundboard recording taped by Terry LaPointe:


Set: The Ticket, Speed Of Dreams, Falling Dominoes, Plastic Bubble, Shapeshifter > Sweet Child O’ Mine > Shapeshifter, Girl I Wanna Lay You Down, Woodstock (w/ Fruition Members), Try > Ship Of Fools > Try, Room For Bloomin > Barbecue > Right Here Right Now > Animal Pt. 2

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