Watch Allison Russell & Hiss Golden Messenger Unite For Haunting Sinéad O’Connor Cover

See the pair honor the late Irish musician with a performance of “This Is A Mother To You.”

By Scott Bernstein Dec 15, 2023 1:17 pm PST

Irish musician Sinead O'Connor sadly died in July at the age of 56. Allison Russell and Hiss Golden Messenger (MC Taylor) joined forces to honor O’Connor with a performance of her song “This Is A Mother To You,” which can be viewed below.

“This Is A Mother To You” is one of seven tracks included on Sinéad O’Connor’s 1997 EP, Gospel Oak. O’Connor had just become a mother for the second time a year prior when her daughter Roisin was born following the 1987 birth of son Jake. She would go on to have two additional sons — Shane and Yeshua. Tragically, Shane died by suicide in 2022.


Russell and Taylor recorded their version of “This Is A Mother To You” at Propel Studios in the Canadian city of Kaslo, British Columbia. The pair laid down the song on August 6, less than two weeks after O’Connor’s death. Both Allison Russell and Hiss Golden Messenger were in town for performances at the 2023 Kaslo Jazz Etc. Summer Music Festival.

“In honor of the divine eternal everywhere now Shuhada Sadaqat, better known as Sinéad O’Connor with love forever and ever, amen,” Russell said to introduce their tribute. Allison Russell and MC Taylor shared vocal duties on “This Is A Mother To You,” Taylor played guitar throughout with Russell using her clarinet as the song reached an emotional crescendo.

See Allison Russell and Hiss Golden Messenger pay tribute to O’Connor via Kaslo Jazz’s Live At Propel Studios series below:

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