The JamBase Podcast: Adrian Quesada

The member of Black Pumas discusses his two recently released solo albums, Boleros Psicodélicos and Jaguar Sound, and much more.

By Team JamBase Dec 22, 2022 11:19 am PST

Episode 153 of The JamBase Podcast, a partner of the Osiris Media Network, features an interview with Adrian Quesada. The multi-instrumentalist talked to JamBase’s Andy Kahn about his pair of recently released solo albums, Boleros Psicodélicos and Jaguar Sound, and more.

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Quesada spoke to Kahn over a video call from his home in Austin, Texas. The interview explored Quesada’s decision to release music for the first time under his own name. The multi-talented musician, who along with Black Pumas has been affiliated with several other bands, recorded what became Jaguar Sound in early 2020 during the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The instrumental album captures that moment in time and Quesada discussed some of the inspirations behind the LP’s groove-oriented and cinematic songs.

Despite being recorded after Jaguar Sound, the guest-filled Boleros Psicodélicos was released ahead of the instrumental record. Boleros, which is a style of Spanish love ballad Quesada explains the origins of in the interview, takes the format and brings it into the present with a modern flavor that stays true to the tradition. Quesada compiled an inspirational playlist of boleros recorded in the 1970s that incorporated elements of the psychedelic rock of the era. Both albums were largely recorded remotely, with the other musicians recording their parts from around the world, a process Quesada was familiar with pre-pandemic.

The interview touched on some of the special guests that worked remotely with Quesada, such as previous podcast guest, keyboardist Neal Francis. Other topics the interview covered were Quesada’s approach for titling instrumental songs, how he finds the right vibe when recording, what lies ahead for 2023, the possibility of a Boleros sequel and more.

This episode is the last of 2022 as we take some time off over the holidays. In fact, The JamBase Podcast will be taking an extended break from publishing new podcast episodes. After over five years and more than 150 episodes, this will be our first planned extended hiatus, which will give us time to refocus and regroup. Have no fear – The JamBase Podcast will return in early 2023 – and we may even drop one-off episodes here and there during the hiatus.

We have new ideas we’re kicking around and brainstorming others as we look to fine-tune what we do here at The JamBase Podcast. There will always be interviews with some of our and your favorite musicians, but we may start mixing it up next year with alternate formats, special series and other enhancements. Stay tuned for what’s in store for 2023, it’s sure to be another excellent year for The JamBase Podcast!

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