5 Things Learned From Keith Richards WTF Interview

Last week The Rolling Stones’ lead singer Mick Jagger called in to Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast and today Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards took a turn calling into the Cat Ranch. Just like with Jagger, the crux of Richards appearance focused on The Stones’ upcoming Zip Code North American Tour. A major Stones fan, Maron again let his fanboy flag fly, gushing over the band’s impact on his life, again recalling the last time he saw them in concert at Madison Square Garden in 1981. Richards’ responses were typically cool Keith, who was calling in from Connecticut. Read on to find out five things we learned from Keith and Marc’s chat.

1. Richards still plays an instrument everyday, still listens to the blues.
At the time of the call, tour rehearsals had not yet begun. Maron asked the guitarist what he was doing personally in preparation of the Zip Code tour, and Richards let him know everyday he plays either guitar (a Martin or an Angel) or piano. He still regularly listens to his early blues influences like Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters

2. “Zip Code” got its name from Sticky Fingers’ iconic artwork, but the band still has not decided if they’ll play the LP in its entirety. 
Like Jagger, Richards confirmed the band was flirting with the idea of covering Sticky Fingers front to back, but like Jagger he was coy about whether they’ll feel comfortable performing all of the songs before trying them out in rehearsals. Nonetheless, Richards informed he had recently relearned the album’s live rarities “Moonlight Mile” and Maron’s favorite “Sister Morphine.”

3. Richards prefers to keep his solo work separate.
Maron pressed about material from Richards’ 1988 solo album, Talk Is Cheap, ever making it onto a Stones’ setlist. The guitarist responded that the chances were unlikely, preferring not to mix the two projects together. 

4. Sometimes The Stones take a tour bus over a plane for the fun of it.
Though admitting planes are more convenient, Richards said the band sometimes opts to take out a tour bus for stretches of time. The old-school approach is both fun for the band and a way for them to see the country. 

5. Richards and Paul McCartney hang out “sometimes.”
Keith confirmed he and Sir Paul do see each other regularly. Jamming together “often comes up” but alas, nothing with The Beatles founding member has come to fruition, yet.