For more than 25 years JamBase has worked with promoters, festivals, record labels, and a diverse range of brands to create highly targeted, custom campaigns that raise awareness and drive sales. Our in-house software offers a variety of advertising solutions that reach the right audiences.

A loyal audience of live music fans:

  • 700,000+ registered users and growing
  • 235,000+ users opted-in for email show and news alerts
  • 80% mobile users
  • 1.9 million monthly sessions
  • 4 million page views per month
  • 181k+ Facebook Followers
  • 82k+ Instagram Follower
  • 95k+ Twitter Followers

For more than 25 years, JamBase has provided customized, fan-targeted marketing solutions for artists, promoters, venues, festivals, record labels and a diverse range of brands, delivering tangible, proven results.

We can work with you to deliver your message in the most natural and authentic way possible, and help fulfill your marketing goals by driving awareness and sales for your event, product or release.

  • Build and retain your fan base through targeted emails and digital marketing. Make sure your shows are publicized and known about!

  • Utilize a powerful marketing channel which enables you to reach alpha music fans in their most receptive environment, while actively looking for new bands & experiences.

  • Reach an audience of young tastemakers and ensure that your event/product is getting the recognition and awareness it deserves.

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