The Terrapin Family Band
The Terrapin Family Band Formed authentically through many wild jams at Phil Lesh's Terrapin Crossroads, the Terrapin Family Band has become the venue's official House Band. Terrapin Crossroads' constant free bar shows, often featuring Phil on bass when he feels like playing, created an opportunity for the young musicians of Terrapin Crossroads' crew to perform together and with a diverse cast of visiting musicians. Through performing together in this setting, Brian Lesh, Grahame Lesh, Ross James, Alex Nelson, Emily Sunderland, Scott Padden, and Alex Koford coalesced into a tremendously fun band, throwing down originals, old country and rock songs, murder ballads, tons Grateful Dead tunes, and more with ease.

You can find the Terrapin Family Band at the Terrapin Crossroads bar every Wednesday night at ~8:30pm and every Sunday afternoon at 12:30pm (for brunch). They may even be joined by Phil or an ever-expanding cast of musicians who pass through Terrapin Crossroads - Mark Karan, Jon Graboff, Stu Allen, Deren Ney, Jackie Greene, Tony Leone, Adam MacDougall, Tommy Odetto, Jason Crosby, and more.

Also, check out the Terrapin All-Stars, featuring members of the Terrapin Family Band, on Thursday nights and Saturday nights, also in the Terrapin Crossroads bar.