Urban Soil
Urban Soil What started as a dad trying to teach his talented, young, budding musician of a daughter the ropes in the local Raleigh NC music scene by taking her around to some open mics, has turned into a full powerhouse band that is gearing up to go out and rule the road! Formed in early 2012 by father and daughter combo, Eric and Jazmine Chesson, Urban Soil is focused on creating the best possible original music. The combination of all out, electrified, jam band inspired musical explorations and the more Americana, acoustic flavors makes Urban Soil truly unique. Jazmine's young, powerful voice is complex and thought provoking, while being strong and soulful at the same time. Eric and the rest of the band provide a tight, concise backdrop for her to come into her own as an artist and it is truly something special to witness! Urban Soil - Sweet Americana Jam :)