Mojo? Spawned from the primordial funk of Black Rock, Bridgeport Connecticut, MOJO is an 8-piece Funk-Party band. Conceived in a late night three-way cacophony; founding members Eric, Nick, and Tracy gave birth to the funk orchestra known as MOJO. Since it's 2012 conception, MOJO has become a presence on the Southern Connecticut music scene thanks to a prominent live show of infectious songs that lay down the funk right into your head. The MOJO experience creates a high-energy atmosphere that encourages crowd participation, soul trains, and booty-shakin' all around.

Comprised of two guitars, three vocalists, horns, bass, keys, and an extensive percussion section; MOJO brings an immense sound to every show. MOJO's sets are deeply influenced by the grooves of Funkadelic, the moves of James Brown, the power and rhythm of Deep Banana Blackout and Big Sams Funky Nation, as well as the signature dueling-guitar solos of The Allman Brothers, and the soulful, whiskey-soaked vocals of Tedeschi Trucks Band.

MOJO has spent the Summer and Fall of 2013 restructuring their lineup and developing new material to take to the road. With the release of their recent live recording from a packed Acoustic Cafe, the band is ready to spread their MOJO seed.

"We are MOJO, we've come to put on a show"