The Goodnight
The Goodnight In the isolated, mountainous town of Clancy, Montana, singer/guitarist Dan Murphy, guitarist Justin Benner, and bassist Sam Smetana spent their formative years at elementary school together before they began writing and recording music. The beginning of high school turned the small-town natives into weekend warriors. Murphy and Smetana independently booked shows in every corner of the empty state before the guys began touring throughout the rest of the country, still in their teens.

After defining their direction and focus as a band and releasing two self-produced EPs under the name Goodnight Sunrise, the band made their exodus to Los Angeles in 2010. While Benner refined his skills as the band's engineer and producer, they began playing with drummer Tim Spier, who they had met touring with his former band, Say No More. Together, they wrote songs that are the product of honesty and determination.

Download The Goodnight's debut EP "Keep Control" on iTunes.