Luke the Knife
Luke the Knife After nearly 10 years of composing and playing guitar and keyboards for the band Lotus, Luke Miller turned his experience and musical skills toward the DJ booth. The idea was to bring funk and disco back to the dance floor in a EDM world that sounds more and more digitized. In the Fall of 2012 Luke started working on remixing and re-editing tracks and by the end of December Luke the Knife was born. Harkening back to the days of editing tape with an exacto knife Luke's cuts merge the old with the new utilizing modern production techniques to give a bigger punch to funky tracks of yore.

The musical world quickly took notice garnering blog spots from across the US and far-flung places such as Sweden and Australia. Performing both DJ sets and Live sets playing guitar and keys along with guest drummers, percussionists, and saxophonists Luke the Knife started with a few packed shows in his home of Colorado. For the first show outside the state Luke the Knife sold out BB King's Lucille's Room in Times Square for a 2 1/2 hour dance party leaving people asking for more even at 4 in the morning.

Highly prolific, Luke has released over 20 remixes/re-edits, and 8 continuous mixes that have been listened to over 25,000 times on by people all over the world. His re-edit of Stevie Wonder's Boogie on Reggae Woman was one of the top torrented songs on when it was released.

"Lotus' talented Luke The Knife... blends a healthy mix of Funk, Disco and Dance for a mind-blowing performance." -

"Seeing Luke as a producer, or, more specifically, witnessing him take his keen sense of structure, of composition, and ear for taste, to the digital realm of music was captivating." -

"This is booty-shaking music." -

"Luke the Knife combines disco, funk, and indie dance with Miller's own keyboard and guitar accompaniments, creating a unique spin on both 70's disc and modern nu-disco. His groovy tunes and funky beats could keep you on your feet and dancing for hours, and the variety of musical genres reflected in LtK's mixes and live performances keeps the dance party fresh and fun." -