Juston Stens & The Get Real Gang
Juston Stens & The Get Real Gang The debut EP from ex-Dr. Dog drummer Juston Stens and his new rock n' roll band Juston Stens & The Get Real Gang, will be released on August 24th. Says Philebrity.com of the EP: "...some deeper 1970s vibrations such as Pussycats-era Nilsson, Todd Rundgren and other shaggy weirdos like Thunderclap Newman, Emmit Rhodes and Jerry Rafferty... and we must say, it's all killer, no filler."

After 6 years, countless tours, and 5 albums with Dr. Dog the time had come to part ways and for Juston to realize his own musical journeys and visions. In his own words: "After a long break, I needed to return to myself, my guitar, my piano, my pencil and paper, and my voice." Juston, self taught multi-instrumentalist, put down the drumsticks and returned to guitar to write new and finish old songs of life, love, loss, heartache, heart break, and death while managing to keep a positive outlook throughout the entire experience.

In January of 2010 Juston left Philadelphia for Tucson, AZ to record with his dear friends The Golden Boots. From there he drove East to Black Mountain, NC to record with the mountain wizard Seth Kauffman of Floating Action. To round it all off he returned to Philadelphia mix with long time Dr.Dog collaborator/engineer Bill Moriarty. This collection of songs is to be released in a series of 7" records later this year, and later as a digital EP on Park The Van Records.

"Juston Stens will never die!" This was the chant created by the members of Dr. Dog to celebrate the intensity, integrity, and ingenuity of Dr. Dog's hard hitting metronomic mad-man Juston Stens. It was often heard after playing a killer set, wiping off the bloody knuckles, or just fixing something on the tour van or an amp in a way that would amaze even MacGyver... and so, it has become the working title of Juston's upcoming debut full length album, which is slated to be recorded with and produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, and this full band venture will include newer songs co-written with newest member Ms. Carrie Battle (Harlan Twins, Pittsburgh, PA)