Rival Sons
Rival Sons Formed in June 2008, the RIVAL SONS have embarked the LA music scene with a speedy yet calculated frenzy. This heavyweight quartet of rockers melded an eclectic array of American music to synthesize the lording posture of sound that is the RIVAL SONS: Pure Rock and Roll. Their most recent release, "Pressure and Time," has garnered them much critical acclaim, including being named "Breakthrough Artist of the Year" for Rock by iTunes, and 2 nominations at the Classic Rock Awards, for "Best New Band," and "Album of the Year."

Vocalist Jay Buchanan packs a mean punch of the blues, gospel, and soul. Guitarist Scott Holiday saws off memorable, toot...hy riffs, plays a saucy slide, and isn't afraid to spray psychedelic aerials of tenor. Bassist Robin Everhart is "Motown meets 52nd Street" bringing the "deep pocket" back to rock. And Drummer Michael Miley grounds and pounds deep grooves with flourishes of reckless abandon.

And besides their musicianship, songwriting is highlighted. Inspired by some of the greatest music spanning a century of genre and sound, RIVAL SONS get their point across in an economical and efficient way. They leave you wanting to rev up your '69 GTO with tunes like “Tell Me Something” and “Get What's Comin'” or the catchy burners “All Over The Road” and “I Want More”, or laying their soul on the table with “On My Way” and “Soul.”

This audacious bunch are proving that they are ready to "bring it back home"...back to rock and roll, that is. Stand back. Get ready. And step aside for the swagger that IS the RIVAL SONS. www.rivalsons.com