Lighthouse and the Whaler
Lighthouse and the Whaler It began in a field. THE LIGHTHOUSE AND THE WHALER began in 2008 when Michael LoPresti, Evan Storey, and Aaron Smith went to a park in Cleveland, Ohio to play music together. They wrote their first song in fifteen minutes. As they played it together, people began to stop and listen, helping the boys realize that they were on to something. In that moment, THE LIGHTHOUSE AND THE WHALER was born. With blends of sweeping vocals, shimmering melodies and orchestral soundscapes, THE LIGHTHOUSE AND THE WHALER's sound is both organic and natural.

After the success of their first EP, A Whisper, A Clamour, the band found fans at PASTE and FILTER Magazines and hosted two successful east coast tours. Continuing on their journey, THE LIGHTHOUSE AND THE WHALER released their first self-titled LP December 7th featuring a new twist on their fan-favored sound.