The Fritz
The Fritz Fueled by a variety of musical traditions and techniques, The Fritz embodies a collection of influences based in progressive funk, while using elements of rock, jazz and electronic to take their sound to the next level.

In their young career, the band has performed at popular music festivals (Bear Creek, Blackwater, Swamptown), been featured in RELIX magazine and has received accolades from a multitude of media outlets.

This eccentric 5-piece features a versatile guitar sound by Jamie Hendrickson. His innate sense of melody creates a canvas that blends perfectly with Jake O'Connor's funk-laden bass lines. Percussionist, Mike Evans and drummer, Michael Tillis, bring a strong, driven energy to the group, deepening the pocket for Hendrickson and O'Connor. Leading the way with his progressive funk-filled solos is Jamar Woods. His powerful vocals are dripping with soul and excitement, which propels the band into thick grooves and electrifying improvisational journeys.

The band is currently working on their second studio release, scheduled for Spring 2012.