Trout Steak Revival
Trout Steak Revival Catch Trout Steak Revival live and you can't help but notice the band's gift to thrive in the moment. In 2008 the band formed, sparked by jam sessions with close friends during backpacking trips and backyard parties. The sounds of fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar, bass, dobro, and accordion blend in TSR's bluegrass-inspired mountain music. While each member of the band composes original tunes, harmonic contributions are added by the entire band, following the bluegrass tradition and creating a unique sound. Scores of Colorado venues have hosted TSR since first honing their sound at the legendary Bucksnort Saloon. The five members hail from Colorado and the Midwest. TSR's lyrics visit themes of love, loss, settling into a new home, and other meditations, wrapped in thoughtful harmonies and conversation between their strings. The music comes from the heart and goes to the heart, whether you're listening to a live performance or on your car stereo, as the golden light of the last hours of the day paint the scenery outside your windshield.

TSR released its debut self-titled album in October of 2010, producing and recording the full length album themselves in a cabin in the foothills of Colorado. In just a few short years the band has built a steady and enthusiastic fan base. TSR performed at the historic Telluride Bluegrass Festival band competition in June of 2011, followed by a tour of the Midwest, hitting a few hometowns along the way.

Trout Steak Revival is aiming their goals high for 2012. The band is looking forward to recording a new album! 2012 also will find TSR reaching out to their friends, family, and music lovers alike by extending their tour schedule to evermore cities. Please stay in touch with the band through or Your support is greatly appreciated, and your enthusiasm will be reciprocated!