The Fallen
The Fallen "We'll all fall down to get back up and fight"! This one lyric in the song, Our Lives, may best sum up the philosophy and the genesis of the band's music. Started in late 2005 as an experimental project between musicians Gabe Horning and Mark Bolger, added to in late 2007 with the addition of drummer Dwight Sensenig and vocalist Audra McLaughlin, and completed in early 2009 with the addition of bassist Troy Feuerstein. Horning and Bolger began writing songs while they were roommates at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. The duo, having quickly composed more than 20 songs, all written on acoustic guitar, had not yet added the remaining members of the band, when they had a chance meeting with Producer/Engineer Alphonse Faggiolo. Faggiolo met and heard the two performing at a friend’s barbecue and thought the material was strong enough to take to the production stage, and would be ideal to not only showcase the band but also his newly built studio. The idea was to piece together a project that had roots in metal, rock, acoustic, and ambient styles of music. They envisioned heavy guitar riffs, powerful drums, atmospheric keyboards and rich melodic vocals; a sound that would have an impact on one both mentally and physically. Horning had went to high school with drummer Dwight Sensenig and invited him to jam with the two at one of their many writing sessions. Upon hearing Dwight play, they instantly knew they had the rhythmic foundation of the sound that they were looking to create. Then, during the recording of the album, Faggiolo met vocalist Audra McLaughlin and had brought Horning and Bolger in to be the songwriters on a separate album project for her. An instant chemistry developed among the group, and during the production process for McLaughlin's album, the team of Faggiolo, Bolger, and Horning made the decision to add her to The Fallen's lineup, knowing that her voice would add chills and purity to the band’s unique sound. Troy Feuerstein proved to be the final piece to the puzzle as his bass lines are a perfect compliment to Sensenig's driving rhythms. The Fallen is based on people's understanding of the world around them and their ability to change whatever they desire; in this case, a way to, "pick yourself up". Each song touches on the difficulties of life; yet presents a practical resolution to the problems we all face everyday. There's no shame in falling down, because we all fall down at different times in “Our Lives”, and will continue to fall, it's all part of the human experience. But you, and only you, are the master of your reality and your destiny. If you don't like who you are or where you are then change it. "If you can work it out the pain will disappear". The band has just released, "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea", an 11 song debut album that is quickly carving out its own niche in a sea of cookie cutter music. Each song on the album is unique and stands on its own musical merits. Upon completion of the debut album the band immediately headed back into the studio to work on their second release, "Between The Angels And The Deep Dark Sky".