Barefoot Manner
Barefoot Manner Barefoot Manner typifies "musical salad". A bit of this, a bit of that, and then just toss it all together. Most known in the Jam Band world, this five piece outfit has been respectfully applauded for excelling in bluegrass, funk, jazz and world music. Following in the footsteps of other free form artists, they can enthrall an audience with songs that list in the double minute digits. Their energy and genuine love of creating music is infectious to even the staunchest of audience members.

2006 is here and change is in the air for the world of Barefoot Manner. December 31st, 2005 was a special evening that focused on celebrating the end of an era as it was Walter Henseys final show as bass player for the group. It was an emotional evening full of musical energy and The Amateurs, Mamadou Diabate, and Mac & Juice all shared in the New Years festivities. Barefoot Manner welcomes Leo Kishore as the new bass player. He is a long time friend and an amazing musician. As always, the Manner Men would like to thank everyone who has shared in the Mannerist vibe in the past and helped to continue to make all of this possible.

The music of Barefoot Manner started at the turn of the millenium as a bluegrass trio. Walter Hensey, Dave Kleiss, & Shawn Chase would get together and combine their love of music with their desire to become better musicians and play hour after hour, evening after evening, throughout the year. Then in the Fall of 2000, they met Jeff Garland and his percussion world and the now four-piece Barefoot Manner began to develop their unique sound. For months, the Barefoot Boys worked on their music and an inseparable bond began to form between them. They decided it was time to share their music and the Barefoot Manner positive vibe with others.

For those of you that are new to the world of Barefoot Manner, our philosophy is simple. Through the power of music, we can all live in the present moment and collectively experience the beauty of being alive. The music of Barefoot Manner is our way of communicating this idea, and by playing barefoot, we remind ourselves daily of this philosophy. Friends and family are what make this life worth living, and music is our way of bringing us all together.

Barefoot Manner is:
Dave Kleiss, Guitar & vocals
Jeff Garland, Percussion & vocals
Hank Smith, Banjo & vocals
Shawn Chase, Mandolin & vocals
Leo Kishore, Bass & vocals