The Rescue Spreaders feat. Marco Benevento
The Rescue Spreaders feat. Marco Benevento For one night only Joe Russo (The Duo, Grab), Marco Benevento (The Duo, Grab), Eric Krasno (Soulive) and Skerik (Les Claypools Frog Brigade) will team up for a rare once in a lifetime performance at The Trocadero in Philadelphia on September 26th.

In the day in age where superstar collaborations are thrown together with alarmingly regularity, it is indeed rare when one actually surpasses the potential that was imagined when the idea was first discussed. Such was the case at NOLA Jazzfest this year when Manhattan's guitar stylist Eric Krasno (Soulive, Lettuce) called upon the brilliant indie-jazz stylings of Brooklyn's Benevento/Russo Duo and Seattle crunkalogic saxophone scientist Skerik (Critters Buggin, Garage a Trois, Claypool's Frog Brigade). Despite the myriad of talent present for the Festival, it was this conglomerate that had heads talking. The fearsome foursome delved into some of the most maniacal, lyrical, mad-thrashing, and epic improvisation; freestyles that left jaws agape in the crowd, and on the stage. This time, the artists enjoyed it even more than the audience that they are heading back to the stage.

On September 26th, Philadelphia will be lucky enough to experience a similar sonic orgasm as this collective will get together and go at it again for aural enjoyment of nightwalkers in the city of Brotherly Love. With the creativity flowing from the Pacific Northwest all the way to the Big Apple, these improvisational performances should wreak sinister havoc on those whom dare to attend.

Also on the bill from Philly: PUSH "PUSH offers a smooth, rich blend of Electro-Rock, experimental live Dubstep, Hip Hop, Drum n Bass and Jazzy Improvisations. While ingredients are constantly mixed and remixed always searching for the perfect combination of sonic sound scapes, PUSH hands you carefully crafted compositions stitched together with on the spot improv for your dancing and listening pleasure."