VersaEmerge vice versa:with the order changed : with the relations reversed emerge:to rise from an obscure or inferior position or condition

Through endless member metamorphosis and what seemed to be a constant subjection to the opposite forces of the universe, VersaEmerge (now graced for the first time with a solid line-up) is finally becoming the band, and people, they've worked so vigorously and tirelessly to become.

Talented, driven, and young are words often used to describe this extraordinary arrangement of mere kids (the youngest being barely 17 & the oldest 22,) and their music speaks for itself.

"We've been searching for other people who shared the same motives and drive towards creating and playing music for nearly the entirety of our adolescent years," says VersaEmerge's Blake Harnage. Now with the addition of 17-year-old vocalist and front-women Sierra Kusterbeck, this band can confidently be called unstoppable.

VersaEmerge is a band who's sound combines sophisticated guitars and huge rhythms with electronic turbulence and vocal hooks that will grab you by the neck will leave you nothing short of breathless.

Selling out their first performance, VersaEmerge has built a solid fan base which is growing by the second. With songwriting ability far beyond their years, and a thriving hunger for musical advancement, VersaEmerge has the stage set for what will be a swift and forceful rise.