Plants and Animals
Plants and Animals Plants and Animals came together in 2001, the confluence of two friends who have been playing together since they were 12, and a third they met in the hallowed halls of Concordia University's music department. Warren Spicer is a sound recording professor, guitar hero and an increasingly sought-after producer on the Montreal indie scene, having produced and played in Timber!, Orillia Opry, David Macleod and Katie Moore. Matthew Woodley, aka le/the Woodman has also been a member of Timber!, Orillia Opry and Katie Moore, and has worked with Buck 65, Sixtoo and Wylie Spicer. Nicolas Basque, is one of Montreal's foremost composers of music for theatre, having received trophies for his work on some of the city's finest productions. Plants and Animals have shared bills with Patrick Watson, the Akron/Family, SoCalled, Land of Talk and Drums & Tuba, and in other incarnations, with Calexico and Iron & Wine.