Elliot Randall
Elliot Randall "All of our hearts have been worn by someone else.

Strapped to their sleeves, they're just tempting the thieves,

Till the right heartbreaker makes you believe."
-Elliot Randall, "Take The Fall"

Twenty-six year old country-rock troubadour Elliot Randall is an emerging musical stylist for his generation. Randall writes songs that "defy his tender years. He seems to have done it all and has the required levels of hurt and angst that far older songwriters take years to experience." (Americana-UK) Perhaps this explains the comparisons by reviewers and tastemakers to such noted storytellers as Guy Clarke and Jackson Browne.

Indicative of his southern upbringing, his dynamic song work traverses the Americana landscape; from greased up two-steps and outlaw country to hearty ballads, Randall puts it all together in his brand of American music. His debut album, released in May of 2007 has created a buzz and elicited significant praise: "Take the Fall is, easily, one of the best independent releases of 2007...Every one of the 10 tracks on this album is a winner," concludes Jeff Weiss of Miles Of Music. "This young man from San Francisco is one to watch."