Tom Brosseau
Tom Brosseau With a voice so high and pure, this North Dakota folkie can’t help but sound like a lost innocent being led off to the gallows. On his latest album Cavalier (FatCat), his eye for the telling detail is as sharp as ever, and he’s added a touch of rhythmic thrust to his ballad-heavy repertoire- Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

The latest album from the LA-based singer-songwriter is a sparse, hushed recording produced by John Parish, with the focus squarely on Brosseau’s high, elastic vocals and timeless acoustic guitar melodies steeped in traditional folk, blues, country and Tin Pan Alley pop. Almost unbearably intimate, and featuring some of Brosseau’s most heartbreakingly gorgeous songs to date- Don Yates, KEXP

It was like witnessing the cryogenic thawing of Gene Autry but without the sappy residue: Brosseau’s in the saddle all right, but his is a much bumpier ride- Craig Keller, Time Out Chicago

Brosseau has matured greatly since his first few records, and years of touring have taught him to hold a room spellbound. Taken one track at a time—especially songs like the profoundly wistful Brass Ring Blues—Cavalier can be mesmerizing- Noel Murray, The A.V. Club