BrownBird singer/songwriter david lamb, cellist jerusha robinson, and multi-instrumentalist jeremy robinson, known as the dark americana trio brown bird, have brought subtly disturbing lyrics dressed in soothing harmonies to those who will listen since 2003. these long-time friends and collaborators have evolved from a simple guitar/vocal/cello/accordion arrangement to adding more banjo, toy piano, vocals, and minimal percussion, the last of which some fans have cited as a most exciting new development. their sound ranges from simple sea-shanty style folk to complex counterpoints with an eastern european flavor. their influences of indie rock, classical music, and old american hymns rise and fall within their songs like whitecaps on a dark and stormy sea.

david introduced the first catalog of his songs in the winter of 2002-2003 to friends and family while unemployed and living in seattle. he returned to the east coast in late 2003, and in the spring of 2004, the current line-up was born with the release of their first ep, "tauto". a self-titled ep ensued the following spring. just before their first united states tour, brown bird remixed and combined the two eps into one aptly named cd, "tautology". a new full-length album, "such unrest", is being released in the spring of 2007.