The Watson Twins
The Watson Twins The Watson Twins, Chandra and Leigh, were raised in the rolling hills of Louisville, Kentucky. In 1998, with an atlas and a pick-up truck, they found themselves in Los Angeles playing and recording with notable Silverlake bands (Rilo Kiley, Earlimart, Orphan Train, etc.) From this inspiring time grew the songs of The Watson Twins.

In Fall 2005, The Watson Twins recorded with Jenny Lewis on her first solo record, “Rabbit Fur Coat” (Team Love). Joining the red haired songstress from Tokyo to Berlin, through the US and back again, the girls enchanted each sold out audience with their soaring choruses and angelic sound.

In Fall 2006, The Watson Twins began promoting their own self released EP "Southern Manners"; a collection of melancholy, intimate songs created with a raw, soulful approach. These songs embody the traditional soul, gospel and country harmonies that surrounded their youth. This introspective and inspired approach puts them in an Indie Folk Rock category and compares them with the likes of: Neko Case, Emmy Lou Harris, Lucinda Williams and Cat Power. Songs from this record have been featured on Grey’s Anatomy, The Sundance Film Festival website and independent film soundtracks.

“Southern Manners” is currently self-released and manufactured/distributed via Junketboy. Russ Pollard (Sebadoh, Folk Implosion) and J. Soda (Slydell) co-produced and performed on the EP, with additional musical contributions from Brian Lebarton (Beck), Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley) and Aram Arslanian (Orphan Train.)

This year holds a slew of promising adventures for these sisters, as they continue to do what they do best… writing heartfelt songs and telling their stories.