Mayday Bushido Karaoke. 3rd full-length by Nebraska's Mayday. Songs of death, dismemberment, drugs, greed, and devotion.

Like the teenage death ballads of the '50's, Mayday casts an odd sort of instrumentation and lyricism into romantic ballads of the afterlife. Percussive, choral, upbeat, morbid, scatological, rootsy-indie-wit. A bluesy kuntry mythological storybook. Bushido Karaoke travels from the Old West ("Song of the Scaffold") to the modern one ("Hidden Leaves"), from Australia to Mesopotamia ("Old World New World"), to hell and back ("Standing in Line at the Gates of Hell") and into the caverns of history.

Featuring the talents of Mayday’s usual suspects: Ted Stevens (Cursive, Lullaby For The Working Class), Tiffany Kowalski (Lullaby For The Working Class, Head of Femur), Dan McCarthy, and Pat Oakes; plus a list of able conspirators that is too sprawling to fit on a one sheet. Full U.S. tour planned for summer '05.