The Wayword Sons
The Wayword Sons The Wayword Sons is one of the most interesting new bands in today's music scene. Combining the critically acclaimed songwriting of Benny Galloway and stellar musicianship within the unique instrumentation of keyboards, dobro, acoustic guitar and upright bass, The Wayword sound is truly something special.

Though the band is newly formed, many music fans find familiar faces and sounds in the Wayword Sons. Benny's musical association with Yonder Mountain String Band, whose 2003 recording, “Old Hands” features only songs written by Benny, has made him a sort of cult figure among Yonder's multitude of fans. Robin and Anders were original members of Broke Mountain, which was one of the top up and coming bluegrass bands in the West.

This unlikely combination of old and new that is the Wayword Sons is bound by the love of songs and the chance to play them together. Don't miss this band!

Benny “Burle” Galloway has been one of the best-kept musical secrets in the country. His songs sound like they are a hundred years old, yet connect with the listener on a level that few songwriters achieve. Burle writes songs that are both complex and simple, songs so powerful that the Yonder Mountain String Band chose to make an album with Burle, consisting only of tunes by Burle, with special guests like Tim O'Brien, Jerry Douglas, Sally Van Meter, Darol Angor, Casey Dreisen and Dirk Powell. This album, billed as “Yonder Mountain String Band and Benny Galloway”, “Old Hands”, debuted at #5 on the Billboard Bluegrass Charts and is Yonder Mountain String Bands best selling studio album to date. As a performer, Burle puts everything he has into his soulful singing and playing, whether he is on the upright bass or guitar. As a songwriter, Burle continues to crank out amazing songs, each one unique and better than the last.

Gregg Andrulis plays the keyboards. He is a musician who can fit into and expand any realm of music he chooses to. Thankfully, he chooses to play Burle tunes. Gregg has contributed to a number of rock, jam and jazz bands over the years. Most notably, he played with Brendan Bayliss and Ryan Stasik in Tashi Station, the precursur to today's jamband giants: Umphrey's McGee. His entrance into the world of acoustic based music was accidental. When he moved to Colorado and started looking for the best musicians to play with, he found Burle and has been hooked ever since. Gregg's keyboard stylings, be them the sweet sounds of a piano or the psychedelic sounds of the space pad, help take the Wayword Sons just where they want to be, uncharted territory.

Anders Beck plays the resonator guitar or dobro. He was a founding member of what may turn out to be one of the most notable farm-teams in bluegrass, Broke Mountain . His playing and songwriting helped shoot the band quickly into the spotlight when they won the 2003 Rockygrass Band Contest only two months after forming the band. Anders' dobro playing is tasteful and melodious, unique and ever evolving to create a sweet, lyrical sound that fits perfectly into the Wayword Sons.

Robin Davis plays acoustic guitar and mandolin. Robin was also a founding member of Broke Mountain and comes from a musical family. He is a guitar whiz, and a fine fiddler, but perhaps best known as a mandolin player since he won the prestigious Rockygrass mandolin contest in 2003. His attention to tone and detail sets him apart from most players and his musicianship is impeccable. In addition to his tremendous instrumental skills and incredible voice, Robin is a superb songwriter.