Pert Near Sandstone
Pert Near Sandstone Pert' Near Sandstone is a new-timey stringband from Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, established in 2003. They play hard-driving acoustic music in the old-time vein, but with a fresh sense and new-time urban grit. Pert Near approaches the American stringband tradition with reverence, infusing their own ideas and character to deliver a sound and style uniquely their own. In Pert Near's songwriting there is as much depth and diversity (and often quirkiness) as their traditional material. You'll find this group gathered around a single, old-timey microphone in a choreographed dance of lyric & melody regardless of being in a rock venue or a formal theater. Their originality & energy has won them fans across generations and genres. Pert Near's rhythm get's people dancing, tight harmonies keep folks singing along, and the fiddle/mandolin melodies and hot solos tear a crowd up with energy. Having become a force in the Minnesota roots music scene, Pert Near Sandstone is streaching out along the rivers and roads of the region, picking up a following and teaming up with some great bands!