Zoo Station
Zoo Station From the mountains of Red Rocks to the fields of Slane Castle, U2 has been building musical monuments for decades. At the heart of the U2 phenomena is the power and energy of their live performances. This same passion can now be found in the live shows of the Bay Area's own ZOO STATION, the complete U2 Experience!

Founded in January 2002, ZOO STATION has been steadily making a name for itself in the Bay Area music scene. A few months after inception, ZOO STATION debuted on the cozy stage of San Francisco's venerable Irish pub, Ireland's 32. That night proved a turning point in the lives of U2 fans throughout the area - they can now experience the magic of U2 within an intimate club setting. Kicking off 2006 with sold-out Slim's, the lads of ZOO STATION are steadily proving that they’re a musical force to be reckoned with.

Whether it’s the post-punk energy of “I Will Follow” or the rapturous joy of “Beautiful Day”, ZOO STATION faithfully covers the entire U2 catalog. Hits, misses and unsung B-sides all have a place on the ever-changing set lists - providing a memorable night out for the casual listener and die-hard U2 fanatics alike. On the web, ZOO STATION keeps its growing fan base up to date with its fan-centered and dynamic site at www.zoostation-online.com. With music, photos, set lists and upcoming show information, www.zoostation-online.com keeps ZOO STATION’s loyal following informed and engaged with the happenings of Northern California's favorite U2 tribute band.

There are four multi-talented and hard working members in the band, each with a distinct personality that solidifies the U2 experience musically and theatrically. BONALMOST takes center stage with the passion and swagger of Bono himself. ADAMESQUE takes care of the low end with Adam Clayton's familiar bass lines and nails the backing vocals usually supplied by The Edge. THE SLEDGE does his homework and it shows! His mastery of the guitar sounds and effects that make the Edge's sound unique never fail to captivate the ZOO STATION fans. Finally, BARELY LARRY is a hard-hitting drummer who attacks the kit with a W.W.L.D. (What Would Larry Do) philosophy and a reverence for the material that would make Larry Mullen Jr. proud.