The Pnuma Trio
The Pnuma Trio Dynamic, scene-setting electronica youngsters The Pnuma Trio was known for their forward-thinking compositions and moving, powerful improvisations since their explosion onto the scene in 2004.

Ben Hazelgrove, Alex Botwin, and Lane Shaw proudly called STS9's very hot 1320 Records their new home as they release their debut studio album, 'Character'. With a refined, glitch-informed electro/hip-hop feel and all the dynamic energy of their DJ-killing live show, this new album represents a significantly evolved version of Pnuma's futuristic sound; tighter, more focused, and higher resolution.

The long synth solos have been replaced by careful layering; instead of building each song to it's climax the band percolates on hot remixed urban ideas, letting the production create the spacious atmosphere. Self-produced by the band and sporting a special bonus track that features Crown City Rockers MC Rashaan Ahmad, 'Character' is ready to take the scene by storm with it's vast, open feel and deep 808-driven grooves.