Guitarmageddon Guitarmageddon is the soundtrack for the end of the world through wailing guitars. A lovingly ludicrous endeavor with an ever-changing cast of guitar heroes, Guitarmageddon provides a forum for rock stars to live out their fantasies. Each appearance features a new theme for the band to have their way with. Fun resides in the heart of 'Geddon; it’s about new collaborations and letting loose with really over the top guitar solos.

As this project has slowly developed into what threatens to be a touring band, the current incarnation features Sean Leahy leading a cast of guitar heroes in jams of epic proportions. Regular suspects include founding father Josh Clark, Jeff Miller and Dan Lebowitz, backed by Daria Johnson, Ezra Lipp, Mark Murphy, and Reed Mathis. They have thus far been joined by guitar greats Eric McFadden, Greg Lociano, Al Schneir, Fareed Haque, Scott Pemberton, Scott Law, Ronkat Spearman, Simon Kurth, Jeremy Korpas, Sean Lehe, Derek Brooker, Pamela Parker, James Nash, Emily Pitcher, and Kiyoshi Foster. Steve Adams, Fletcher Neilson, Trevor Garrod, Jordan Feinstein, Cochrane McMillan, Jen Hartswick, Lesley Grant, Ian Inkx Herman and many other talented musicians have joined in during their 10 year reign.