Woodbelly Me & Brandon Grew Up in Paris,Tx . In high School We started A group called 40 Cents Off(lots Of ska,Punkish Stuff),high School Ended, Band Broke up, Brandon Moved to Arlington,Tx For College, Brandon started Studing Music @ UTA, thats when he meet Ben. They were playing in the UTA Jazz Band together,that Went on for a year or so!! After 40cents off had broke up I started looking for other players in the Lamar county area. Me and the Bass player of 40cents off(Rob Gilbreath) had decided The new Band would be called Woodbelly!!(Rob went to the army)Anyways I founds Some guys in the area And started the first version of woodbelly(Adam Brady-Drums,Heath Baily-Bass,Kent Gooding-lead Guitar. ) it didnt work out with those guys and i moved to arlington, thats when the Woodbelly as you know it now Began. We practiced one time and began playing shows- Its been four years and we haven't stoped !!!!