Don Carlos
Don Carlos Don Carlos's given birth name is Euvin Spencer. He was born on June 29th 1952 in the Waterhouse district of Kingston, Jamaica, where he lives to this day. During his youth, Waterhouse was a town where everyone carried a gun, a town when by 6:00 PM not even the Sunset Taxi would enter the Trench, as it came to be known and Don was one of the few who could walk the street at any time of the night. He has 13 children living throughout Jamaica, London, New York and California.

In 1965, Don Carlos made his premier recording at the Federal Studios on Marcus Garvey Drive in Kingston. International exposure started in 1983 when local DJ, Ken Williams had Carlos, along with Reggae artists Ika Mouse and Chalice, play to thousands at an event for Hunters College in Manhattan, New York. Since then his music tours have taken him throughout Africa, Europe, South America, the United States and many Islands in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Carlos tells us that the, "inspiration for my music has been the world that I've traveled where I have connected with the people I've met and found cultural understanding. One's message must be important; this is my path of Evolution." Don is optimistic and caring, always reminding listeners to "respect every time!"