Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon

  • Sixty Six Steps
    Sixty Six Steps
  • Inside In
    Inside In
    Four years in the making, INSIDE IN started with OUTSIDE OUT, Mike Gordon's first feature film. With the theatrical and DVD releases behind him, Mike went back to the mostly instrumental soundtrack and significantly reworked the material, creating songs out of jams and adding lyrics to pieces that previously had none.
  • Clone
    Mike Gordon (Phish) and Leo Kottke team up on this album to create sweet sounds by way of Kottke's distinctive acoustic picking and Gordon's steady five string work. This is the first colaboration from these eclectic performers.
    Track Listing: 1. Arko 2. Car Carrier Blues 3. From Pizza Towers To Defeat 4. Clone 5. The Collins Missile 6. Te Veo 7. Disco 8. June 9. I Am A Lonesome Fugitive 10. Clay 11. Strange 12. Middle of the Road 13. Whip 14. With