Chris Wade
Chris Wade Chris Wade is a Leeds based musician, writer and illustrator. He is most known for his critically acclaimed music project DODSON AND FOGG, which features guest appearances from various music legends such as Celia Humphris from folk band Trees. He also worked with the comedian Rik Mayall on an audiobook of his novel Cutey and the Sofaguard and writes the ongoing Hound Dawg Magazine.

Born in Leeds in 1985, Chris always had a fondness for music and writing, drawing comics and writing stories from a young age. He started learning the guitar at the age of 7 and spent many hours as a teen recording demos on his 4 track and working on his writing. In 2009, after various shop jobs, he had some poems published in a literary journal called Cannon's Mouth and on various poetry websites, and his illustrations featured in two historical books, Ghost Stories of Lincolnshire and Britain's Most Notorious Hangmen. His first full self penned work was the surreal novel Cutey and the Sofaguard in 2009, before going on to write a book for ex Stranglers singer Hugh Cornwell called The Hoover Dam Companion, which was sold on his UK tour. At the end of 2009 he started Hound Dawg Magazine, originally a free PDF, focusing on music, art and films, now a print publication on cult music. He has interviewed various notable people for it, including Dave Davies of The Kinks, Wilko Johnson plus members of Captain Beefheart, Jethro Tull and The Velvet Underground.

In 2013 Wade released Derring-Do, the second Dodson And Fogg album which received even more acclaim. Wade knew not of all this, as he locked himself in the cellar gorging on eccles cakes for six months. Later in 2013, Wade released the third Dodson and Fogg album, Sounds of Day And Night, which was once again very well received. He edited and released the autobiography of Gypsy Dave Mills, Donovan's road buddy and carried on writing Hound Dawg Magazine. At the end of the year he released the 4th Dodson and Fogg album, The Call, and was absolutely knackered out!