The Steve Kimock Band thrives on spontaneity. In fact, some would say that it's at the core of their musical prowess. The band leader, guitarist Steve Kimock, always appears to zone in on the moment, exhibiting careful choices in words, tone and song selection. Kimock's devotion to playing things his way gives his music the respect and appreciation it deserves. The Steve Kimock Band's journey continues, adding new elements and fresh faces to the lineup as they pick up steam and roll through 2001.

The entry of talented drummer Rodney Holmes at the end of 2000 was one recent change and now there is another addition, technically proficient jazz guitarist Mitch Stein. Stein and Holmes were last seen together in the burning trio called The Hermanators, also with Kip Reed on bass. Rodney Holmes was all over the mega-grammy Santana CD, and his picture perfect drum groves creates the ultimate foundation for Kimock and Stein to build upon.

Of course no Kimock band lineup would be complete without the Sultan of Stash himself, Mr. Bobby Vega! Vega began his professional career at age 16 with Sly and the Family Stone. With more than 100 albums to his credit he continues to explore new ground. His musical craft continues to develop into a complex and heady blend of rhythm & blues, rock, funk and improvisational jazz. A connoisseur of the instrument, he has been called the "Jaco Pastorius of the 90's".

SKB are putting the final touches on plans for their upcoming mid-country tour in April which concludes at a late night sold out show at Tipitina's in New Orleans. The band has recently been spending some time practicing and working out some new material. Unexpectedly, the California energy crisis hit home and the power in the rehersal studio went out. Always re-acting on the moment, the band decided to use this opportunity to play a low key 'unannounced' show at the local Powerhouse Brewing Company in Sebastopol, CA (about an hour north of San Francisco). The word was spread through friends, family and the Kimock discussion list, and just after the sun set on Sunday evening in Sonoma, there was a line of heads waiting outside the Brewery for a night of musical magic.

The Powerhouse exhibition unveiled to the fans a tighter and more agressive band, along with a looser and more exploratory Kimock. Songs left their normal structure to assume monumental heights and blistering peaks of greatness. The spirit of the band was fresh and ignited due in part to Rodney Holmes' master craftsmanship on the drums and the addition of a proficient and steady Mitch Stein on guitar. The artists accompany each other with suburb excellence, and left everyone in the room gazing with the jaws wide open, especially Mr. Steve Kimock, himself.

At the end of the impromptu show, Steve announced that they would take the stage again on Monday night for another round of mind-bending musical masterpiece. The air of the room during the second night was a little calmer, having peaked during the previous evening the crowd was beginning to settle into the new arrangement and starting to really connect with the new artists. From the first note you could feel the electricity cycling through the air. It very quickly became clear that this is a lineup with serious firepower and a passion for stretching music to the limits. It is refreshing to see a Kimock who can not only showcase his skills as a lead guitarist, but also provide the perfect rhythm to accompany Stein's approach to soloing. A careful ear and a watchful eye will catch these professionals playing off of each other in true improvisational fashion, as Kimock calls out the changes and everyone synchs up with blitering sharpness.

The Steve Kimock Band will be put to the test next month as they embark on a mid-country adventure kicking things off April 12, 13 & 14 at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall. Two weeks later, the band heads to Chicago for a three-night midwest explosion at Martyr's from April 26-28. [Presented by JamBase & BigA Entertainment | Tickets go on sale March 19th via JamBaseTickets.com] The band will then head south, hitting Kimock's second home at Chester's Place in Fayetteville, Arkansas which has seen many epic Zero, KVHW & SKB experiences. The intimacy and remoteness of the room creates the perfect opportunity for the band to set up shop for three days and give people the musical soul juice they crave.

Photo by Joe Iudice
The grand finale of the run will take place late night Sunday, May 6th (Monday Morning) as JamBase Presents The Steve Kimock Band at the legendary Tipitina's Uptown in New Orleans, LA. The Tip's show comes at the end of a stacked Jazz Festival lineup and will most likely feature some very special guest performers. There is no doubt that this band will generate the necessary energy to power Fest folks through the night to the morning hours, as Kimock and Co. have had their share of momentus late night experiences. Last year's High Sierra Music Festival late night show featured the band exhibiting pure musical bliss until the sun came up, giving everyone exactly what they came for. This year's Tipitina's throwdown will truly be a glorious finish line and put the perfect icing on a huge week in New Orleans.

Go see The Steve Kimock Band!

[Published on: 3/5/01]

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