The Slip
12.31.06 :: Northsix :: Brooklyn, NY

Words by: SuperDee :: Images by: Phrazz

Brad Barr of The Slip
Watching a band you love change before your very eyes is an intoxicating experience. When this band somehow gracefully blends what you've always loved about them with something completely new, it's magical. The Slip is a band that can simultaneously shirk off and coddle their long-time fans and everyone comes away unscathed. On one hand, they are totally unrecognizable - playing their New Year's show in the hipsterville of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, rocking faces - and on the other hand, they are still giving you everything you want. Is there really any other option than to open the show with "Children of December"? And in these last moments of December, and of the year 2006, what is more perfect than to hear the words "it's the day before the rest of your life"?

Midnight with Meowskers
Midnight came with rhythm and gold balloons dropping from the sky and a wink to Mr. Davis. The Slip began their SMMD mainstay of "I Want to Get to Heaven Before I Die," perhaps trying to conjure up Nathan Moore from wherever he may have been at that moment. Opening act, and good friends of The Slip family, Meowskers came to join the trio for this heavenly chant which led into "Hear Me Out," a gospel sing-along from their world. After we were safely transported into 2007, The Slip granted a strong request and performed the second half of "Eube," a gem from their first album, From the Gecko, ten years ago. Was it meant to be an acceptance of their past or a swan-song of that era? And as if they were hammering in the last nail of the coffin, here came the "Weight of Solomon," another song from Gecko, but completely different. Instead of the sweet and soothing "Solomon" with Brad at the piano, we got guitars and beats. I'm calling it the "Rock Solomon" and it's a sign of where The Slip is today. We are rock, hear us roar.

Brad Barr Goes Surfing
The rest of the show was a blur of good times… They showcased some new post-Eisenhower songs like "Wine and White Soda" and "All I Saw Was You." They made us melt with the brilliance of "Soft Machine" and "Paperbirds" which included some instrumental quotes from Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield." More Davis love came with the ironically romantic "I Hate Love" as we swayed and swooned. The OMG moment came as they sandwiched "Poor Boy" in their AC/DC cover of "It's a Long Way to the Top (If you Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)." They finished the night with another cover, Elvis Costello's "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace Love and Understanding," that The Slip has made their own in the past few years.

The Slip
All in all, this intimate show at Northsix was an enchanting way to bring in the new year. As Brad Barr sang Bowie's "Changes" in the second set, I realized that yes indeed, us rock'n'rollers are gonna get a little older. We can either roll with it or fight it every step of the way, yearning for the past. The latter is impossible and pointless and so we must surrender to the flow and rejoice in our evolution. And The Slip continues to be a strange fascination always fascinating me. Thanks to them for that.

I can't leave without commenting on the raucous opening set by Meowskers. Matt Rudnicki (vocals, piano), Mike Cheever (bass) and Jeff Neuberger (drums) deliver incredibly original material with such fierceness! It's quite tasty. They are Brooklyn boys and so hopefully this is the first of many body rockings we'll have together this year.

2007, you're lookin' pretty good so far! Happy New Year, everyone.

The View of Manhattan from Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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