JAMES BROWN 1933 - 2006

James Brown, the "Godfather of Soul" and ruler of all that is funky, has left us today, Christmas Day 2006. Brown was hospitalized with pneumonia at Emory Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta on Sunday and died around 1:45 a.m. Monday. The actual cause of his death is still uncertain. He was 73.

An endless innovator and music revolutionary, the world will surely miss this great man who has influenced an infinite number of artists of all shapes and colors. He has inspired multiple generations and will no doubt continue to do so in his wake.

We will always remember James Brown as the man who shouted from the rooftops, "I feel good!" Rest in peace.

[Published on: 12/25/06]

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Foominaut Mon 12/25/2006 09:43AM
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we'll miss you james

Hotchkiss star Mon 12/25/2006 10:11AM
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sad news.

the sattalite station at my work plays several james brown tunes.

thanks for making my gas station the funkiest gas station in southern cali james, you will be missed.

Jidi Mon 12/25/2006 10:28AM
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the funk will live on

dedhed6111 Mon 12/25/2006 10:36AM
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keep on struttin

feets Mon 12/25/2006 10:36AM
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My musical life has deep roots with Mr. Brown. This is an imeasurable loss for the world of American music, music in the whole world, music period, that will be felt for years and years to come. May he funk in peace.

gratefulgabe Mon 12/25/2006 12:12PM
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RIP James. you'll be missed dearly!

lovemusicfood star Mon 12/25/2006 12:42PM
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One of the most legendary musicians of all time. Thanks for the music!

jalew Mon 12/25/2006 01:04PM
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All Loving Liberal White Guy Mon 12/25/2006 01:16PM
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All Loving Liberal White Guy

rest in peace Godfather. your influence will never stop.

theorb419 star Mon 12/25/2006 01:46PM
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Dammit. James Brown was FUNKY.

mickrod420 Mon 12/25/2006 02:04PM
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James Brown, the god father of soul. You have done more for the music community then you could ever imagine. I will never forget the 30 min sex machine at MSG with dave, a highlight of my concert career. Keep bringin the funk from above. We need it. RIP brother. hit it and quit it.

bigmuffdaddy starstar Mon 12/25/2006 03:16PM
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Jason Woodside star Mon 12/25/2006 03:49PM
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Jason Woodside

today is the day funk cried, i am too

styleelongboard Mon 12/25/2006 03:57PM
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What a bummer. The one time I got that I got to see him was awesome. the guy who played ReRun from "Whats Happening" open for him with a little comedy routine. But during the show ReRun came out and him and JB were doing that ReRun dance together, if you know what I'm talking about. Very surreal, but funky. Got to shake the mans hand and all. Saw that he was supposed to play BB Kings in NYC the other day. Was like that would be an awesome New Years Eve show to be at. A true professional and icon. James Brown has left the building.......The great band of legends somewhere, just got a whole lot fuckin' funkier...

showgoer04 starstar Mon 12/25/2006 04:10PM
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James Brown get up, James Brown come on get up, James Brown get up!!!! I was fournate enough to get to see James Brown up close at Bonnaroo as he looked me in the eye. The dude that introduced him with the bow tie was cool too. Alot of people are going to be out of work now that he's gone. Maybe one day we will be blessed with the godson of soul. Who's gonna step up to that plate. Rest in funk James Brown.

rojo2245 Mon 12/25/2006 06:41PM
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RIP Mr. Brown. The funkmeister has left the building. thank you for the funk.

friedpix starstarstarstarstar Mon 12/25/2006 09:16PM
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Heaven just got a little funkier -

but think positive -



BILLYBRIDES Tue 12/26/2006 06:05AM
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thanks JB

45king star Tue 12/26/2006 07:27AM
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The first 45 I obtained was Funky President & Cold blooded on the polydor lable and some of the first funk and Soul tunes to grace my ears came from his soulful screams and demands that Fred Take him Higher. Thanks you James, even till the end you were still doin' what you loved. With all these great soul and funk artist getting older we must appreciate them while there here, so support them and let them know the youth loves them too.

AmshMisfit starstarstarstarstar Tue 12/26/2006 07:58AM
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philhitz Tue 12/26/2006 08:05AM
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"free james brown" - i guess he's finally free -- rip JB

Billy D. Lyons starstarstarstarstar Tue 12/26/2006 09:50AM
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Billy D. Lyons

James Brown...what is there to say about a man I didn't know and had never seen. Everyday these legends are fewer and fewer in numbers, all we can do as lovers of music is to try and get out there and see what makes these men and women so excellent. So with a tear in my eye and "Hot Pants" in my head, I salute the late and great James Brown - cause lord knows I still feel good!

landoflizards Tue 12/26/2006 10:23AM
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Long live the funk. You will be missed James Brown.

Astronaut Jones starstarstar Tue 12/26/2006 10:32AM
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Astronaut Jones

let's all "hit it and quit it" for Brother James today. Yesterday the rain fell in my hometown. Not straight down, but kinda funkylike.

Road To Shambala starstarstarstarstar Tue 12/26/2006 10:52AM
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Road To Shambala

Any man that can write a song called "Licking Stick" is alright in my book.

Make It Funky!!!

LewisIsGood starstar Tue 12/26/2006 11:06AM
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I saw James when he came to Austin a few months ago; it was one of the most soulfully incredible experiences of my life. So glad that I saw him before passing...HE'SSSSSS SUPER BAD!

DogSix Tue 12/26/2006 12:21PM
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My favorite James Brown story….

He played a private show for an internet launch party in 2001 at the Warfield in San Francisco. (Before the burst of the bubble, no-name companies who didn’t even have a website yet, could afford to have fully catered, open bar, private parties with James Brown… if you can imagine that!)

Anyway, I was friends with the guys from Sound Tribe Sector 9, who was opening for him, and this is a story their sound man told us…

After James’ sound check, James walks up to the balcony. He’s holding a silver breifcase in his hand as he saunters up behind the soundboard. He leans over the the soundboard and says to the engineer “Sounds pretty good in here…” Then he plunks down the breifcase on the table, pops the tabs, opens the case and there’s a shiny silver gun, lying there in the center. James looks the soundman in the eyes and continues, “…you betta keep it that way”

Ahhh.. the Godfather. Rest in Peace old friend. We’ll keep it sounding good.

festijam12 starstarstarstarstar Tue 12/26/2006 01:46PM
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RIP James...its hilarious how after a show they can put this guy on and no one will leave...just keep dancin. If anyone could be immortal, it should be the Godfather. You will be missed!

Boswellmachine starstarstarstarstar Tue 12/26/2006 02:22PM
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We've lost a legend. I'm glad I got to see him prior to his passing. I know Live at the Apollo gets the most recognition out of his catalog, but check out the Live at the Olympia Paris 71 as well as the JBs anthology. Both of these albums show how masterful of a musician he really was.

fiveyrold starstarstar Tue 12/26/2006 02:23PM
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man!! well at least i saw him a few times, for one man- he made one hell of an empire of FUNK!! Oww! God Bless James Brown, because we all know " It's Hell Down Here! AND WE GOT TO MAKE A cHANGE! UH

Cotsy Tue 12/26/2006 03:40PM
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Long live the "Godfather of Soul" You will be missed! R.I.P

jackiesoup Tue 12/26/2006 08:30PM
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The man goes yet the music will influence and live 4ever.
Good-bye James..say hello to Lennon, Garcia, Zappa, Davis, Marley, Harrison, Hendrix and the resta the gang.
The music will live on...guaranteed.
Gracias J.B.

nuke_ticketbastard Wed 12/27/2006 09:24AM
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papa got a brand new bag......

6chaos420 starstarstar Wed 12/27/2006 10:52AM
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What a teriible Christmas present to the world. All I know is that a few really important people died this year. It makes me ask the question, "is the world really coming to an end"?

Jeruth starstarstarstarstar Wed 12/27/2006 02:42PM
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the music will never stop. Lets all get funky this NYE for the man.

Matthew Jaworski starstarstarstar Thu 12/28/2006 07:30AM
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Matthew Jaworski

You are, and always will be, the king, James Brown.

phunkle star Thu 12/28/2006 07:41AM
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as said by the funkmaster himself- "I feel like doing my thing, movin, groovin it you know"

RIP James

funkifiyo starstarstarstarstar Fri 12/29/2006 01:13AM
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I did already heeeeeeeeeeeeelp

funkifiyo starstarstarstarstar Fri 12/29/2006 01:20AM
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holy crap this is the 3rd time I'm havin to rewrite thanks jambase!! We'll miss you forever james. He was THE start of the funk!! I wouldn't be half the bass player I am today if it weren't for James Brown turnin' it loose. JB You'll be in my heart and mind especially whenever I'm graced with playin on stage!! Rest in peace godfather! SOULBROTHER #1 ALWAYS and FOREVER peace and love Mike Lenowsky

gratefuled starstarstarstarstar Sat 12/30/2006 08:34AM
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We've lost one of the great pioneers. Just about every reputable band/artist starting with Beck took a piece of James Brown on to the stage and into the studio.

May the gods get funky!

shaunfunk Sat 12/30/2006 09:46AM
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thanks for all the good times James! Rest in peace knowing that we will teach our children how to dance to your music so you will live forever!

Skerikfahreed starstarstarstarstar Thu 1/4/2007 01:51AM
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Dear JB,
Thanks for the good times thanks for the bad thank you for the funk that taught me how to dance thank you for every band that has play since you took the stage that has even the slightest tinge of funk thank you for your own shows and many others that you werent even performing or even near because it all comes from you thank you for Karl Denson Galactic Phish The Grateful Dead moe. The Disco Biscuits Raq The Meters Sly
Much love May the vibes be with you in heaven

come2gether4 starstarstar Fri 1/5/2007 09:30PM
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i was luckly to see the beloved at steam boat springs, co- he rocked so hard the skies opened up. thanks for the lighting show on forth of july. rip james brown thanks for all the funk and the memories.

spaceyourface0 starstarstarstarstar Sat 1/6/2007 11:56AM
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Rest in Peace Brother<>your spirt and your funky soul music will live on forever

Cottell starstarstar Sat 1/6/2007 04:51PM
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I'm surprised that crackhead lived that long.
He was good... but still a crackhead though.

oldschool2 starstarstarstar Sun 1/7/2007 05:21AM
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oldschool2 starstarstarstar Sun 1/7/2007 05:28AM
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slapernicus starstarstarstarstar Mon 1/8/2007 09:50AM
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Cottell, are your comments really necessary? Disrespect James again and my peeps gonna come find ya...believe dat sucka. What have you done to influence the world chump? Looks like less than a crackhead has, so what does that make you? = more worthless than a crackhead

Cottell starstarstar Mon 1/8/2007 04:56PM
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You and your peeps? Beleive dat sucka? U got me shaking man. Come find me? Give it a shot u fuckin tool. Fuckin moran....

slapernicus starstarstarstarstar Tue 1/9/2007 09:18AM
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1238 Portland Ave
Atlanta, GA

Come and get me pussy-mutherfucker, I'm right here, no need for my peeps, chumps like you take care of themselves...learn how to spell too bitch...big man talkin shit through Jambase, please...let's take it outside pussy

Cottell starstarstar Tue 1/9/2007 11:22AM
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No problem man... let me check my schedule and maybe we can meet up over a cup of coffee or somethin! LOL! I love to meet u and your bad ass peeps. U sound like a real winner. Startin fights on jambase and all! TOOL

Ashley starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/10/2007 02:22PM
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i only got to see him once, but it is one of my funkiest memories!! RIP

ozarkkeegan starstarstarstarstar Wed 1/10/2007 03:30PM
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GiT uP......oN tHe 20th He RoSe FrOm ThE dEaD............

BlowsAgainsttheEmpire star Thu 1/11/2007 05:50AM
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Thanks for the music JB.

caesarsidekick Fri 1/12/2007 12:05PM
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the world just wouldn't be the same without JB. he's one of the most soulful forces the planet has ever seen. long live the funk.