Phish tribute band, PHIX, is happy to announce a busy second half of December with a small theatre run in their home state of Colorado, culminating in the Third Annual Denver Holiday Mockingbird Foundation Benefit on Saturday, December 16th. Fellow Colorado freakers, Young and in the Gutter (featuring members of Shanti Groove,) will open the show. This marks the fourth benefit show that Phix has held for the Mockingbird Foundation, the first of which was held at Phish-spawning ground Nectar's in Burlington, VT in 2004.

The band is also very pleased to announce that they'll be playing through most of California at the end of the month leading up to a special New Year's Eve show in Ashland, OR. Like last year's New Years run (which was on the East Coast) Phix will be performing a complete Gamehendge on the 30th (San Francisco) and recreating a classic Phish NYE Setlist on the 31st (Ashland). Check out the Phix Web site for details on all shows.

PHIX Colorado holiday shows:
12.14 | Fox Theatre | Boulder, CO
12.15 | Aggie Theatre | Fort Collins, CO | FREE SHOW!
12.16 | Gothic Theatre | Denver, CO | Mockingbird Foundation Benefit with Young and in the Gutter

PHIX West Coast New Years run:
12.27 | Winston's | San Diego, CA
12.28 | Fais Do Do | Los Angeles, CA
12.29 | Don Quixote's Music Hall | Felton, CA
12.30 | 12 Galaxies | San Francisco, CA | Gamehendge show!
12.31 | The Mobius | Ashland, OR | Phish NYE recreation!

More about the Mockingbird Foundation
The Mockingbird Foundation is the leading provider of historical information about the band Phish and its music. Since its inception in 1996, the Foundation has been operated entirely by volunteer fans of the band, without any salaries or paid staff. It fundraises for music education for children by celebrating the music of Phish through books, innovative recordings, creative donation premiums, and special events for the Phish fan community. Mockingbird funds are distributed twice per year through a two-tiered application process that is one of the most competitive in the country, able to fund fewer than one percent (1%) of the initial inquiries received. The process has so far provided 150 grants, in 36 states, totaling $500,134.

More about Phix
Since forming during Phish's hiatus in 2001, Phix has played over 450 shows in over 40 states, Canada and Mexico. They have learned and performed well over 150 different songs from Phish's expansive catalog of originals and covers, making them the world's most accomplished Phish tribute act.

[Published on: 12/13/06]

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peaton Wed 12/13/2006 12:10PM
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Colorado may be their home state, but VT was Phish's, so come to the northeast boys!

TizrelBodegus Wed 12/13/2006 01:05PM
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Come back to Columbus, OH! These guys are amazing.. last time they came they played Reba, Divided Sky, and Foam just to name a few, and I could have sworn i was listening to phish.. and I wasn't too intoxicated!

fordaj starstarstarstarstar Wed 12/13/2006 01:24PM
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I would rather endure a ferocious mouth raping by a gorilla while listening to a jet record on repeat; then have to spend the end of the year with a phish cover band. Maybe they will play destiny unbound!!!!!!!!!!!

Rinosquad Wed 12/13/2006 01:38PM
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good story

IFORGETGUYFORGET starstarstar Wed 12/13/2006 02:01PM
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good cover band........i think? i was at the charlotte halloween show if i remember right? you know i forget?

The Glick Wed 12/13/2006 03:02PM
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The Glick

these guys sound good and they play some fantastic material! great song writing!

Joshtafari starstarstarstarstar Thu 12/14/2006 11:09AM
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New Year Eve with Phix Well worth the drive from Seattle.

MaseBase starstarstarstarstar Thu 12/14/2006 11:15AM
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Ohhh Man!! I wish I could make it to the Gamehenge show at 12 Galaxies! DAMN!

TimCorcoran starstarstarstar Fri 12/15/2006 10:51AM
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Grate band! Go see them if you get the chance, they will blow you away!!!

EVILFUNK star Fri 12/15/2006 02:40PM
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thats funny...i used to do the phish new year run every year and it still seems to be some of the best live music i have ever heard. there is no way any tribute will amount to a shred of what i saw then. there is no comparison. phix is fools gold.

"forming during Phish's hiatus in 2001" ....cha ching! lets make a buck!!!

Jenny Jen Sat 12/16/2006 07:31PM
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Jenny Jen

I'd like to take the next few seconds out of my night to think of myself as a really clever and witty person and use this comment box to write a comment that everyone will laugh at due to my ability to bash a cover band and say something that really nobody cares about and how cover bands suck and how they should all be shot. But I'm a Phish fan, I take care of my shoes and I'm all about the music.

echo tribe Mon 12/18/2006 10:21AM
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What a fucking joke!! You are not a music fan if you go to this show. If you think you are then you are dumb as a rock!!!

EVILFUNK star Mon 12/18/2006 11:13AM
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I would really rather that nobody were shot over it...its just that Phish worked hard for what they had. before they were popular they were just weird and hard to market. Phish worked through it. they used thier brains to create somthing new and worked hard to get the world to take thier verry strange music seriously...i mean, can anyone imagine how hard it must have been at first for Phish? phish saw the mountain and climbed it! Phix saw the lodge Phish built at the summit and they want a free ride to the top. now they want respect from other artists? they expect the old school phish heads to buy into what they are doing and it just doesnt work that way. when they started out they were actually surprised when they got emails from people who thought they were bullshit! that just goes to show how new they were to the scene.

Phish condones Phix because they are a big advertisement for the goods they market. Mike Gordon walked out of thier show a few years ago in NYC. that should tell us somthing. especially when he goes across town, hears the Duo and hires them to play ORIGIONAL MUSIC on tour with them. what was Mike attracted to? ORIGIONAL MUSIC! the real stuff! does anyone undersatan what im trying to say?

Donald_Larf Tue 12/19/2006 08:54AM
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You tools think you are professional haters? NOBODY CAN "OUTHATE" me! First, if you're gonna hate, you have to learn how to spell, or it just makes you look like an idiot. For instance...Evil you spelled "original" umm... well... "ORIGIONAL"...twice. And I'm not sure what "undersatan" means. You must dabble in some cultish activities. Satan will help you spell if you ask him. He listens to your questions and helps you hate properly. I am starting my school of hate this spring. Would anyone like to enroll? I have already accepted fordaj for his "I would rather endure a ferocious mouth raping by a gorilla" statement. Now thats creative! A+! Evilfunk's lack of creativity and improper grammar makes him comparable to a tribute band! You're a tribute hater! hahahahahahahahahahahaha...loser.

EVILFUNK starstarstarstarstar Tue 12/19/2006 01:50PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


no hate, no shooting, nothing but a seasoned and honest opinion here. shit, if im so wrong why should you care what i say? I take the communication of sounds - music - verry seriously...i dont really care about spelling at all (i do not attend rock and roll 101 like the phix...i know the ground i stand on...again, unlike phix)...and there are also some tributes i love - TJ Kurk, the Mingus Big Band - I cant front on Bustle in you Hygeraw either, brah... (did i missspell brah, brah?) fact when some were in school learning thier abc's i was out study'n live music up close and personal. i followed most of your favorite bands around when thay were as big as phix (some are huge now) and my education payed off, trust me. i got it like phix dont. i did it all playing origional (augh-ridge-oh-nal) music. i even did it with players who Phish seek to play with now (unlike the players in Phix) i write jam rock tunes all day every day as a hobby and way of life - i cant be stopped...its a disease to create some times. not that it is hard to do so. its really easy, actually. a fucking school child could do this...why cant phix?

also, tell me - does my bad spelling, heavy reliance on basics (an artist should get thier own bag...ect) or the fact that you point out my shitty spelling make Phixs blasphemous music any better or even worth the electricity they suck when they play? NO NOT AT ALL! youall are wearin' CLOWNSHOES! (laughing at your attempt to create)

trini. starstarstarstarstar Tue 12/19/2006 07:19PM
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Whatever boys. Relax. This is a super fun show. Crowd is there to see Phish Covers. Get it? A Phish cover band. It's not to see the EvilFunk can't be stopped amazing rock jam god because of his seasoned eduaction ... yeah yeah yeah ....

EVILFUNK Wed 12/20/2006 12:05PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


A god? because i dont like the idea of a band CHEATING? im nobodys god nor do I claim to be. ..just a kid who quit highschool to go see phish in '92. i dont regret it either! but this is not about me...sorry if i took the discussion in that direction...i want to talk about the phix...

here, ill tell a tale real quick of a guy who saw Phish once in college years before finding a classified listing for a phish cover band. the dude joins the band and instantly starts posing as the worlds biggest phish head. anything to belong, right? he has his nose in a book written by fans about the band and he is trying so hard to fit in....going on phish tour with his bandmates to promote the phix....all that...but somehow the elder phishers around dont buy it. this dude is so out of context as one of us that it is not funny - he acts surprised when people start emailing him expressing discontent. now if you know the phish scene and you know what phish heads are about you know that at least some phish heads are not going to go for this kind of husstle. "i will not support it" is all one phish tour head tells me of phix. any way, the dude had no idea what he was getting into. he thought he was joining an areosmith tribute and nobody would say anything but how great he was...ha ha ha ha ha! so im at a phish show after the hiatus and i see this jackass walking down shakedown (for lack of a better word) with a video camera about an hour before the show. with a VIDEO CAMERA? foolio was not in front of will call, not at the gate where people are waiting to go in...not where traffic is clustering up to get into the lot so he can get all of the 'wilson420' liscence plates or phish stickers on BMWs but RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OFFICE...RIGHT THERE WHERE FAMILY KNOWS NOT TO BRING A CAMERA! just wandering into his new village recording us...the people who make the wheels turn on the you are going to tell me this guy is one of mine? please! this poser was hot for oppertunity and in the right place at the right time when he joined the band - not that the abnd was any better... i have more stories... so, lets compare these guys to trey - an artist like Trey Anastasio will turn down gigs with his hero Phil Lesh so he can be known as his own man and these jerkoffs try to compare themselves to him while they do this? ha ha ha ha ha!

whats cool about a band like phish and GD to me is the idea that both of these bands sound nothing like anything else that came beforew them. the GD, jam and all of this is about musical adventure. going where no band has gone before. taking a song where it has never been before. what does phix have to do with this fundimental concept that defines phish and thier legacy? how can some dope show up yesterday and pose as one of us and not expect to hear from the people who really understand what phish is about? these guys are skilled and talented. anyone smart enough to do waht they have done can make thier own band and go out on the road and make it happen for themselves... if they are willing to work for the craft of making it happen. if these guys were doing this locally for kicks i would be a bit amused and probably respect it on some level but this is 100% about comin up.

here...try this. since you (mr henry rollins) are so concerned about spelling and coloring between the lines (how anti phish) why dont you see if your spell checker has ever heard of Phish. i remember trying to write a review of a phish show i saw to hand in at school in the 9th grade when phish was almost as big as the Phix and my spell checker kept spitting the word back at me.

EVILFUNK star Thu 12/21/2006 10:29AM
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from the new Bob Weir interview on jambase>>>>

Jambase: What kind of stuff are you listening to these days?

Weir: I don't listen to much pop music. I listen to old R&B. I listen to modern classical. I listen to jazz, mostly older jazz. Some blues.

Jambase: What about some of the bands that would be more on the jam side of the fence today?

Weir: Not a whole hell of a lot of it because I don't want that stuff in my head, what other people are doing in my ilk. It's bound to happen where if something catches my fancy it's going to come out through my hands. I would encourage jam bands not to listen to each other so that they continue to develop their individuality.

Bob said it...not just me.

custiechump star Fri 12/22/2006 11:41AM
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what does evil know....fuck him! im a professional cusitie and i appriciate phix based on the idea that they are custies too. for custies - by custies. thats how i like it!

Donald_Larf Thu 12/28/2006 11:24AM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


The more Evilfunk spews the turds from his head on this board, the more we all see how much of an idiot he is. Keep going, man. You are entertaining us all. For a band you hate so much, you sure do give them alot of attention, and seem to know quite a bit about them. Are you secretly sleeping with one of the band members? And you are taking out your sexual frustration on this messageboard? I think there are some professional jamband therapists that can help you. PS: I'd love to know where I could find your songwriting catalog and list of players you've jammmed with. I'm sure its vast, brilliant, and most impressive. Please post it on here. We'd all love to hear some stuff you've written. Maybe Trey will cover one of your songs someday!

custiechump starstarstarstarstar Thu 12/28/2006 01:17PM
0 Votes Thumbs down! Thumbs up!


Mr Larf is totally right! evil, untill you are ready to make a living pretending you are someone other than yourself you will never know the joys of music! untill you have sucessfully stolen another grown mans identity you are nobody!

....hey, you wanted a pissin macth! heres a list of venues Evilfunk has played in Phix's back yard:
Red Rocks Ampitheater
Fiddlers Green
The Fox Theater *
The Gothic Theater *
The Boulder Theater

* the content of evils last preformance at theese venues 98% improvised proving only that a lucky retard can make up ooorrrigggiiionnnalll music but Phix cant!

thats just in your back yard, you want me to continue? i bet you bigshots never even heard of these places.

this all means verry little...but - you asked for credentials.

Donald_Larf star Fri 12/29/2006 05:49PM
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